Much ado about Flashlight Studios

Though the Flashlight Studios name has been in use since the moment I came up with it back in March of 2009, I have not actually done anything about it other than announce the name at the beginning and end of the Pokedex Radio podcast. I have now come up with this blog to put some sort of flow to the ideas that I have for this production “company”.

There are many things that I have thought of doing; few I have put into work, some are just too big for me to handle at the moment, and many I’m just too damn lazy to do. I hope to one day change that, but for now we will just have to deal with my inexperience, shallow wallet and abundance of procrastination.

So why start writing a blog about Flashlight Studios? To be honest, I have no idea. This will probably be the only post on this blog for a long while. More than likely, I will forget to write anything for months and then one day down the road, I will publish some sort of “Sorry I haven’t been here in a while” post.

But to get around to what Flashlight Studios is doing… At the moment, nothing. My co-writer for Rage Quit Now! currently doesn’t have access to the internet and is dealing with personal matters, and I am neck deep in school and other personal matters, too. The Pokedex Radio podcast has been put on hold for now and I’m not sure if I’m ever going to get back to it.

As for what FS is going to do… I’m not sure at all. I was hoping to get a few projects underway by now, but the aforementioned hindrances will be in place for a while. For now, the RQN! blog will be our sole project. I guess I need to get around to writing something for it.

To those who listen to the Pokedex Radio podcast: Thank you for sticking around.
To those who read the Rage Quit Now! blog: I’ll get around to posting something soon and thank you for reading.
To all: Please subscribe to all that Flashlight Studios has to offer!


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